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Today, we are pleased to introduce one of our successful television games: Monopoly Live. The Evolution Gaming editorial teams will take the time to explain the rules, how it works, and the potential of this highly anticipated title for brand enthusiasts. Let's get started!

The biggest wins Monopoly Live has to offer!!

Min. Bet$0.1
Max. Bet$2,500
Max. Win$500,000
Monopoly Live - Play the Official Live TV Game !

Monopoly Live - Play the Official Live TV Game !

In February 2019, our Evolution Gaming teams decided to launch the new game: Monopoly Live. This television game was created under a sublicense from Scientific Games in direct partnership with Hasbro, the owner of the board game brand. The release announcement of Monopoly Live at ICE 2019 propelled our studios to new heights by collaborating with one of the world's largest entertainment giants, listed on NASDAQ (HAS). Of course, Evolution Gaming's mission was to adapt this iconic game to the casino world!

After weeks of brainstorming, development, and testing, we successfully released a more than satisfying final version of Monopoly Live. We therefore decided to keep the famous Monopoly bills, create a game revolving around a big wheel, and most importantly, include the popular Monopoly board in an exceptional bonus mode! Evolution Gaming is absolutely confident in giving you the thrills of Monopoly in this 24/7 filmed version with one of our hosts.

📅Release dateFebruary 2019
🟢Minimum bet0.10$
🔴Maximum bet$2 500
🏆Maximum win$500 000

🎡 Beat the Monopoly Live Wheel

The base of our Monopoly Live game in partnership with Hasbro places you in front of an exceptional wheel consisting of 54 segments. Your goal is crystal clear: bet on the right segment to trigger a win of up to x10 000 on our live game! Thousands of players participate in the same games simultaneously on our software, and our host is delighted to chat with you 24/7 during this session. Your ultimate mission in joining our game is to beat the Wheel!

On the Monopoly Wheel, you will undoubtedly find elements that will take you back a few years, to the time when you were buying hotels from your brother on the game board. Evolution Gaming has included 2 Chance cards, which can trigger a cash prize or a multiplier valid for the next round. You can place a bet on one of the Monopoly bills (1, 2, 5, 10) and hope to win up to 10 times your bet! But most importantly, by betting on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS and if the Wheel lands on them, you trigger the best mode.

🎩 Enter the Monopoly Board

This is the feature our users were expecting the most, and we have developed it for your utmost pleasure! When betting on 2 ROLLS (2 dice) or 4 ROLLS (4 dice) and the wheel decides to land on one of these segments, you participate in a bonus game that takes place on the official Monopoly board. We have developed it in 3D using the latest technologies, with the help of its creator: Hasbro Inc.

You always start with the number of dice you defined when placing your bet (2 or 4), and you can earn additional rolls by rolling doubles! Here, Evolution Gaming allows you to win up to 10 000 times your bet. However, this is not a piece of cake! To hit the jackpot, you must land on the right squares and collect as many Chance cards or Community Chests containing cash prizes (not taxes!). Our teams have been kind: the Prison and Free Parking squares have no effect!

📱 Play Monopoly Live Game on your smartphone

When we developed Monopoly Live and as such revolutionized the world of gaming with this classic, we immediately understood that today's players are not the same as yesterday's. This time, the official Monopoly Live board comes to you, thanks to its compatibility with iOS, Android, MacOS, and PC, with no downloads required. Our developers have successfully integrated HTML5 technology to enable this broad accessibility.

Although the game is recorded live with a host, and the bonus mode is in 3D, your smartphone or tablet can easily handle playing Monopoly Live. The technologies we develop at Evolution Gaming allow us to offer you a live streaming game with very high responsiveness. You can join the next game right now through a basic browser like Safari or Chrome!

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Play Monopoly Live: Find an Evolution Gaming Partner

Play Monopoly Live: Find an Evolution Gaming Partner

To get a first look at our Evolution Monopoly Live game, the editorial teams first want to guide you step by step on how to start playing now. Thanks to our collaborations with hundreds of online casinos, we are pleased to announce that you can find Monopoly Live almost everywhere! Once you have found a trusted operator, follow these few steps.

  • 1️⃣ Register at an Evolution Gaming partner casino;
  • 2️⃣ Make an initial deposit and get a welcome bonus;
  • 3️⃣ Go to the "Live Casino" section;
  • 4️⃣ Launch the "Monopoly Live" game.

As simple as that. It takes 3 minutes on average to start playing our live Monopoly game for the first time. Please note that our table is only available in real-time and for real money. Indeed, we need to compensate our hosts 24/7 and finance the progress of each game! Once you're ready to play Monopoly Live, learn the rules in the rest of our article.

Bet now on Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live Game tutorial

Now that you know exactly where to find our official Monopoly Live live game, you probably want to join one of our hosts and start playing for real. At Evolution Gaming, our mission is to offer you the highest quality entertainment. We will now explain exactly how your future Monopoly Live game session is going to take place.

1- Place a Bet on the Board

As you will see, our multiplayer sessions are live. When entering our Monopoly Live game, you may see the message "Wait for the next game." That’s clear; you will only have the opportunity to bet during the defined period between each session. On this title, we accept bets ranging from $0.10 to $2 500 for each participant. Our limits depend on the bet you place!

🏠 Bet💲 Limits
Monopoly 1 Bill0.10 / $2 500
Monopoly 2 Bill0.10 / $2 500
Monopoly 5 Bill0.10 / $1 500
Monopoly 10 Bill0.10 / $1 000
2 Rolls0.10 / $500
4 Rolls0.10 / $250

As you can see, the simplest bets on the Monopoly wheel allow for higher betting limits. Simply fund your account at your Evolution Gaming partner online casino and place tokens on one of the 6 bets available on our board game. Then, all you have to do is wait for the game to start!

2- Spin the Monopoly Wheel

Once the few seconds are up, our host and the official Monopoly character take turns spinning the famous wheel to determine the course of the game! It is turned manually and stops randomly on one of the 54 segments that make up our Monopoly Live wheel. This is exactly when you must cross your fingers for it to stop in the right place!

Composition of the Monopoly Wheel:

🏠 Bet🎡 Number of segments🎯 Probability
Monopoly 1 Bill2240.74 %
Monopoly 2 Bill1527.78 %
Monopoly 5 Bill712.96 %
Monopoly 10 Bill47.41 %
Luck23.70 %
2 Rolls35.55 %
4 Rolls11.85 %

As you understand, the draw can bring a lot of surprises in our live Monopoly Live game! Of course, luck favors the bold in this game. However, Evolution Gaming is committed to being completely transparent about the probabilities of landing on each of the squares on the board so that you can make informed decisions when deciding to join us.

3- Wins in our Monopoly Live Game

That’s it, the Monopoly Wheel has just stopped on one of the segments! So, you are fixed on the bet you placed on our title. In reality, different scenarios are possible: a classic win by hitting one of the $1, $2, $5, or $10 bills, triggering the Monopoly Live bonus mode by landing on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, or receiving a Luck card to win a cash prize or a multiplier for the next game.

Potential Monopoly Live Results:

🏠 Bet💰 Potential wins
Monopoly 1 Bill1:1
Monopoly 2 Bill2:1
Monopoly 5 Bill5:1
Monopoly 10 Bill10:1
LuckCash or Multiplier
2 RollsBonus mode (x1000)
4 RollsBonus mode (x1000)

You see that the potential of Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming depends on two factors: the bet you make and the course of the game. On our game developed in collaboration with Hasbro, we are pleased to announce a maximum win of $500 000 and a maximum multiplier of x10 000 in our bonus game. We already know that you can't wait to advance on the Monopoly board!

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Monopoly Live RTP: We are transparent

Monopoly Live RTP: We are transparent

We know that many of our users are true professionals in live casino games. The Evolution Gaming editorial team wants to reveal the different RTP (Return To Player) values applied depending on each bet you place on our game board. As you will see, you can enjoy a return rate ranging from 92.88% to 96.23%!

🏠 Bet📈 RTP
Monopoly 1 Bill92.88 %
Monopoly 2 Bill96.23 %
Monopoly 5 Bill91.30 %
Monopoly 10 Bill96.02 %
2 Rolls93.90 %
4 Rolls93.67 %

Since both Luck cards on our board are bonuses awarded even if you haven't bet on them, no RTP applies. Thanks to our complete transparency, you can now have a better idea of what our live Monopoly Live game can offer you in terms of returns! From our side, we always recommend betting on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS.

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Monopoly Live Strategy: The team tells you everything

We know that you have always dreamed of having tips from the creator of your favorite slot machine! Today, Evolution Gaming's team of specialists has decided to give you more chances to succeed in winning at Monopoly Live by revealing some valuable tips and strategies. Read carefully and choose the Monopoly Live strategy that suits you!

Always aim for the Jackpot !

Remember that the goal of the original Monopoly game is to make as much money as possible by buying hotels and houses. Right? It's exactly the same on our version of live Monopoly casino. During your sessions, we recommend always setting aside a betting amount for the 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS section. This will allow you to participate in the board game every time it lands and have a chance to win the x10 000 jackpot (or $500 000).

Use statistics !

As you will quickly notice, our development teams have implemented a history of the latest draws on our Monopoly Live Wheel. We recommend using them as you would at a roulette to try to predict future games. If, for example, you notice that the Monopoly $10 Bill hasn't landed in over 10 turns, you might consider directing your bet toward it. All losing streaks come to an end, and knowing how to spot them can be an excellent tip for winning at Monopoly Live Casino.

Play responsibly, please !

At Evolution Gaming, we strive every day to revolutionize the world of online entertainment and provide real thrills to our users. Monopoly Live was designed for the exact same purpose: to provide fun for players around the world. That's why we absolutely want to warn you that it is still a real-money game, where you obviously can lose. No Monopoly Live strategy can guarantee you a win, which is why you should only play what you can afford to lose to keep on enjoying the game, regardless of the outcome.

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Opinion of the online Monopoly Live Game developers

Opinion of the online Monopoly Live Game developers

The Evolution Gaming editorial team had the pleasure of recently welcoming the development and design team behind the creation of Monopoly Live. It was our Quality Assurance Manager, Ilvo Kristapsons, who kindly gave us his opinion on this live game developed in February 2019 in Evo's offices.

"When we obtained the sublicense with Scientific Games and the partnership with Hasbro, the Monopoly Live project could finally begin, and the entire team was very excited to bring one of the greatest board games of all time to the casino world. Thanks to the experience of our developers and teams, everything was quickly thought out to faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of Monopoly in the living room, with family. To me, Monopoly Live is one of the best creations by Evolution Gaming, and we hope to have the opportunity to launch another one in the future."

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Questions frequently asked about Monopoly Live

No, you cannot play for free, but some casino offers no deposit bonus. The game's live nature generally requires real-money play.

Monopoly Live is available in many countries, but local gambling laws and regulations may restrict access in some regions.

Yes, Monopoly Live is compatible with most mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, ensuring you can play on the go.

Yes, Monopoly Live uses a random number generator (RNG) to ensure that the outcome of each spin is genuinely random and fair.


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